by Her Little Donkey

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Recorded, mixed and Produced by Cristian Pallejà and Ferran Resines at Caballo Grande Studio (Barcelona).
Mastered at Joe Lambert Studio (New York).


released November 7, 2016

Pau Roca (Lost Tapes, La Habitación Roja) played guitar on “Jam”
Carlos Leoz (Me and the Bees, Waterparties, Half Foot Outside…) played guitar on “Her Little Frog”
Raul Muñoz (Catpeople) played guitar on “Watermelons & Peaches”



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Her Little Donkey Barcelona, Spain


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Track Name: A Break
I need a break
Once in a while
I need a break
Twice in a while

From this routine I need a break
From all this rushing just a break

I need a break
From wearing socks
I need a break
From these tight shoes

I want to stroll around in shorts
Warmed by the sun leave me alone

Give me some time to take a nap
A little while to read a book

I belong to this blue sea
Living in eternal summer
Track Name: Raise a Star
Blessed, reborn
Living in the moment spreading love
Dancing to my luck I’ll carry on

Taking pleasure
Enjoying every second

Tears of joy
Sliding down my jaw as I recall
How close
I came to cease, it just seems so unreal

No more whining
Will make the most this gift

Hold my hand
I won't let you down
Side by side we’ll muster strength to raise a star
Side by side we’ll raise a star
Track Name: Crave
Come with us
Follow me
Play with us
It’s all you need
All our friends
Find it hard
To believe
So do we

Will you survive?
How big is your crave?

Come here and
Take our seat
Use this edge
Over us
Make the most
Of this trip
Far away
See you there

We’ll take a bit longer
This jolly frame will brighten
Brighten up our crave
Track Name: Her Little Frog
Born, just born, little frog
with those almond blue eyes
Smile, just smile, make a sound
to help us all forget this stressful day to day

Toes, long toes, like mine
hold on to my hand
Nights, long nights, who cares
as long as you’re ok, it’s getting better every day

I love waking you up
stretching yourself out
With that look in your eyes

Born, just born, little frog
with that blond and red fuzz
Kick, just kick the air
With a mix of joy and rage, learn the rules of this new game

I love waking you up
stretching yourself out

With that look in your eyes

Born, just born
Track Name: Give up
There’s a monster that thinks we are weak
I want you to give up tonight
Sometimes fear beats us
It even makes us disappear
I want you to give up tonight

I can follow you, you can’t follow me
I can lie to you, you can’t fool me
I can fight you, you don’t know what to say
I can follow you...
I want you to give up tonight
And if she runs it’s because she wants...
Track Name: Covered in Mud
Forced to
Leave your home
Dust and rubble
To draw apart
Craving a fresh start

Squashed in
A crowded craft
Through the night
You’re terrorized
In the back of a truck
Suffocating threat

Pleading for mercy
At every border
Freezing in your new tent
Covered in mud
Track Name: Best Ever Trip
8 Weeks to go
We’re in no rush
It’ll never be
The same anymore
We’re drawing bears
And smiling wales
We’re having a good time

Chromatic deer
Fading away
Intellectual skating owl
Not coming home
Through night and day
Streets seem to have our names

We pack our bags
Just you and me
We pack our lives
For the Best Ever Trip

3 days to go
Still in no rush
I’ll never be
The same anymore
Swimming wale
I do look like a bear
We’re having a good time
Track Name: Jam
I remember every step of my life
They try to tell me something
They try to tell me something one more time
And now in the end...
And now at the end of this year
I'm feeling so good
I'm feeling, I'm feeling so fine

So don't waste your time
While you're feeling blue
So don't waste your time
Don't even try

You've been thinking about the past
And you wish you could fly
You wished you could fly but you can’t
And now you’re here...
And now you're here and I can see...
I see my shaking knees
I'm feeling, I'm feeling so fine
Track Name: Watermelons & Peaches
The summer is ending
Feel the sand falling down my knees
Hear the waves in the ocean
Days are already getting shorter

What a lovely night breeze
Counting stars in this endless sky
Drinking and laughing
So lucky to have these many friends

Laying down on the shade there is no rush
Watermelons & Peaches
Walking round in my bear feet
Summer never seems to last enough
Track Name: Tightrope Walk
We spent a week in paradise
Eclipsing our wildest dreams
Golden shoreline
Under the radar
Cool crystal water
One hundred shades of green-blue

Refreshing cocos
Sweet pineapples
No other mission
Than settle back and wallow

Right after this perfect getaway
Worn by a long sleepless trip
Cold early morning
Coming and going
Packed of excitement
Collect our little treasure

Sharp affliction
Crawled up my nape
Into my brain box
Causing a vast eruption

Tightrope walk
Tightrope walk
Scared to death

Unceasing beepers
Feeding my grief and sorrow
Uncertain future
In these redeemer's’ hands

I Strove...
Track Name: Velvet
Waiting, waiting for my holidays
I don't sleep much nowadays
Streets seem to have no end
On my holidays, I'm breathing with my heart
Where did they go?
I think I'm here alone

And I go
And I go on all fours

Convincing me with your eyes
to drink, to dream
to live naked in this bay

I'm waiting
In outer space, beyond universe
I’m so close
I'm waiting for my flying fish
to ride to your lips
I’m so close

And I fly
The air is painting me
in colours I can’t believe

it goes on and on
I will never get bored
Until you bring me back

And fall, and falling in love
We're falling in love
Yes, falling in love

I'm home