by Her Little Donkey

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Grabado, mezclado y producido en La Atlántida Estudio (Barcelona) por Mario Patiño y Edgar Beltri en septiembre de 2013.

Masterizado por Yves Roussel.

Diseño Ana López


released October 30, 2013

Her Little Donkey son:

Patrick FitzPatrick (voz, guitarras)
Ana López (sintes, voz, percusiones)
Carlos P. de Tudela (bajo, sintes)
Víctor Vizuete (batería, percusiones)




all rights reserved


Her Little Donkey Barcelona, Spain


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Track Name: Colombo
Sometimes I think I should
Listen and learn a bit more
From the elder one

Looking out the window
Makes me wonder what I’m doing
Stuck in here

Not sure if I’m too lazy
Or just too scared
But I want to conquer a different peak

This was never my goal
But the only path I’ve gotten to know

I will stop disturbing the balance of my mind
I’m only adjusting the sails
To go with the wind
Disturbing the balance of my mind
Track Name: Probation
You often find yourself
Drowned by your debts
That you’re unable to enjoy
What’s important

Sitting on that same little chair
Surrounded by the same mates
Pretending, just to survive
And to put up with this routine

For the next and best forty years

It only provides you economic safety
Though it’s maybe thanks to this
That you appreciate every
Second of your probation
Track Name: Paying Off
The hard work finally seems to be
Paying off in all ways
There’s no other better way to end this year
Rather than relaxing in this paradise

Listening to these same old tunes
And this weight
Is just fading away

Now I see that you were right
I wanted to rush things
We were miles away
From where I’m looking now
Track Name: Not Ready
The countdown has began
But I’m not sure if this is
What I want

I can see it coming
Miles away
Need to continue making
The most of these days

Because I’m not prepared yet
Still many places I wanna go
So many songs I want to sing

We are not getting any younger
Don’t wanna follow the script
I’ll just wait a bit more

I’m certain it’ll be a glorious stage of my life
But I’m quite sure that this one’s not over yet
Track Name: Dark Waters
I am running out of time once again
Diving into these dark waters
The hardest part is that I wasn't even given
A real chance

This may be a sign or
It may be a matter of trying a bit harder

It's so sad to have to choose
Between something you like
Under dreadful conditions
And this other comfortable thing
That you're not passionate about

I can't even taste
The source of my desires

Just for not knowing the right people

Will I ever
Get to know what it feels like
Going all out with this passion