Where's The Glow

by Her Little Donkey

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released March 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Her Little Donkey Barcelona, Spain


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Track Name: No Devotion
I’m forced to be here only to survive, I put my soul into this to satisfy my pride. It never seems to be enough, I strive to disconnect when I’m away. You could go surfing all day, but you’re serving someone else. Travel all around the world, take your treasures with you. Disturbing itch is spreading in my crown. I’ll click the switch to enlighten my state of mind. There’s no devotion in what I do, my crime is to take it all to heart.
Track Name: Tenacious Girls
I’m going to tell you a story
A story of a girl who had a dream
One day she started to faint just out of the blue
To then understand, her life would dramatically change

But she refused to deny her new condition
Applied a dose of realism and carried on
It took a lot of courage, to prove the doctors wrong

I believe in heroines
I believe in stars, the ones in real life

Now this one is about a good friend
Who suffered a stroke and cracked her skull
To wake up in a strange new world
Had to learn to speak and walk again
Not once but twice

Her diligence got her through
She’s now mother of two
Can’t remember a thing
But she won’t ever forget

I believe in heroines
In those who won't give up
I believe in stars
The ones in real life.
Track Name: Big Mess
I can feel it, I can feel it
So close
Might be up to me
And I know this is a good time
Why should I leave?
And I’m sure it's the perfect time
Will see what it becomes
I think I have to try
I think I have to try
And I don't know if you will be mine
I think I have to try
Surrounded by an endless field
So big
My shadow is…it’s just too small
And I know this is a good time
Bring your feelings here
And I'm sure it's the perfect time
I will come to shine
There is more than rubbish in your head
The pure light could be anywhere
Track Name: Sparkles
After 8 long hours
Buried in a roasting bus
Tasting my win
I was only 17
Dazzling green park
We all bounced and cried for joy
As we got in
For the first time
When they came out
My heartbeat lept to the edge
On the first note
We burst into madness
A sudden rainstorm
Didn’t kill the thrill, it just raised it
Even higher
Why doesn’t it sparkle in my veins anymore?
Why doesn’t it sparkle in my heart anymore?
Why doesn’t it sparkle in my mask anymore?
Why doesn’t it sparkle in my mind anymore?
Many years have passed
And here I am against all odds
I came all alone
Now I’m dancing with some friends
In a different scene
Mooning what it would be like
To feel the rush
Back again
Track Name: Castles in the Air
Another chapter
A new scope
Assimilating it’s a game
Won’t expect much
I’ll enjoy whatever comes
Defeated one more time
For thinking I could fly
My fantasy won’t die
It’s getting harder
To combine
But I’m just not giving up
When I see you
Sing and dance
Realize It’s all worthwhile
Mixed up
By this castle in the air
Track Name: Slow it Down
Praising the ground
Walking at a slow pace
I take a deep breath
And listen to the calm
I’m losing track
Back to my old me
Carried away
By this hasty routine
Racing through my days
With myself
With life
I rub my scar
And remember how
I almost saw the light
I won’t give up
I’ll simplify
And slow it down
Track Name: Impulse
I found myself
Acting how I loathe
I think I’m learning what the source is
Restrained myself
Observing it all from the outside
When will I defeat this impulse?
Surrounded by
A mass I know
I’m out of place at this blowout
How we bonded
I want back how we connected
Laughter, mesmerize the spirit
Distract my instinct in the alley
Flowing into a paradox
Stumbling with my weakness
Questioning my own principles
My weakness
I can’t go along
With a downfall
A twister would destroy my esense
I went too far
Put us all at risk for nothing
I will never blow the whistle
Track Name: Into Place
If I could travel back in time
I’d give you a little advice
And I would tell you what my dreams are
I’d guide you on the path
But I missed the train
I’m going to have to let it go
I wouldn’t want to forgo
This priceless time with you
If I was able to rewind
Little things I would change
I would ensure to embrace all
The message in the words
These few days apart
Are giving me time to chew
I had forgotten who I was
It’s all falling into place
Now it’s all turning out to be
Even better
Now it all turned out
Just perfect
If I could travel back in time
I’d give you a little advice
And I would tell you what my dreams are
I’d guide you on the path
I reckon this dream
Would have torn what we built
Into tiny little pieces
So what am I talking about?
Track Name: Superheroes
But we can save ourselves
They will not resist
For much longer
We are more than them
There’s no way back
Never-worry land
Is where we live
Without bums
No monarchies
We are part of this
You can sense it
The electric boy
Ultrasound girl
Let’s spread around
Track Name: Demons
It’s getting dark now
On the train home
Myriad thoughts about what I’d do just in case
Is my phone charged?
Turn the music down
Is there anyone standing a bit too close
Does someone have a weird vibe?
Text my friends to tell them where I am
I hold on tight to my keys
They’ll be my weapon just in case
Trust me when I tell you the fear is real
We are sick of being blamed
What was she wearing?
What was she doing out so late?
I look around me
Speed up my step
Walking home at night anxious every day
I sigh with relief
When it’s just a girl
We locked eyes cause we know we are safe
I even earned a black belt
But nothing will ever be enough
I’m constantly reminded
that public spaces are still not mine
There are creeps everywhere
It happens every day across the world
Resigned to accept
Be always alert
To prevent an offense

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